The Love Wire

Mark and Jolina personally hand-crafted these wires to form the word “love”. Jolina jokingly said despite tight schedules and busy days, they were crafting “love wires” in the car, in the bathroom, at tapings, anywhere they had a chance. She was carrying a box of these thin red wires around and took every chance to shape and twist over 300 of these love wires.

When they visited us in the office to demonstrate and give us the finished love wires, Jolina joked saying, “Lahat nung panget yung ichura, si Mark yung gumawa. Sakin yung magaganda yung curls.”

Want to see all the pages in detail?
Scan through the pages of
Mark and Jolina’s
Scrapbook Wedding Invitation

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Souvenir Tickets

The actual boarding passes, airplane tickets, concert tickets, movie stubs and other souvenirs were copied and reproduced to represent the many travels and bonds of Mark and Jolina. They are a fun and adventurous couple, and these souvenir tickets are proof of the happy times of being together.

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Paper Clips of J&M

This is one of the most unique details in the scrapbook wedding invitation of Mark and Jolina. Who would have thought that paper clips can actually be used to shape the initials of the couple? It was quite unconventional! But seeing the pink and blue initials of Mark and Jolina on the first page of the scrapbook already gives you an idea of how the rest of the pages would look like.

Unique. Artistic. Personalized.

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