Color Coded in Bohemian Fashion

Mark and Jolina wanted their garden wedding to be as casual as possible. From the actual design of the scrapbook and the words they used, Mark and Jolina were able to express the feel and atmosphere they wanted in their wedding. Light, easy and full of merriment.

“Light colored coat, light colored polo. Pwedeng slacks or dress shoes pero mas masaya kung jeans at sneakers. BAWAL mag-tie at bawal ang nakasimangot.”

“Bohemian-Chic ang drama natin. Turqoise and coral yung motif. Pwedeng maglagay ng mga hippie accessories, WAG LANG flower-cord na naka-ikot sa forehead, hayaan niyo na sa akin ito dahil moment ko naman ito friend.”

Spotting ruffly floral skirts and loose, soft wavy dresses, it seemed like the guests were able to follow the couple’s intended dress codes.

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The Package

Receiving a wedding invitation packaged like this is a gift in itself. The wonder and excitement of what’s inside, the feel of its surface, the warmth and intimacy it signifies, they altogether bring a sense of importance to the invited guest. When you untangle the abaca string, tear off or unwrap the brown paper and see the actual box inside, is the exact moment you would feel you have really been a part of Mark Escueta and Jolina Magdangal’s life, as an individual or as a couple bound together by love.

What would you feel if just right after you read this post, right at your doorstep, you receive a package something like this? A box wrapped in an olden brown paper tied with a brown fiber string like in the ancient times. And inside you see a which a story is written, a story is beginning – story which you are honored to be part of.

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